miércoles, 19 de febrero de 2014

After a lifetime dedicated to the wonderful world of wine and from this ancient gate which many citizens of Logroño house its memories. In this “Bodega” that was located at Avenida Colón of Logroño, our grandfather MAYAYO stored wine sin the 60’s. It stood up untilit was knocked down. And still in our thoughts and feelings, the excellence of its wines has surpassed rememberance in order to get us on the slow and relentless clock time.

Therefore, the expertise, dedication, work, effort of our grandfather,and the new image supported by the design of the Catalan artist Aaron Vidal, family friend, (based in Germany) who has managed to impregnate,like no other, on our label the good times that we wish convey from MAYAYO. Those moments with family, friends, people who really matter. Those moments will always remain engraved in our memories and the pleasure of enjoying them whilstsharing around a table, superb wines to match the most demanding consumers.